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Ward 3 is my home and where my heart is. It’s time to bring accountable and open representation for Ward 3 and all of Cambridge. My candidacy is about you having your say. I will serve you and speak for you; not at you. Consultation: Too often Preston residents are left out of the consultative process and council initiatives are instituted without public input, or the input is ignored. This is unacceptable. Residents deserve a say about what takes place in their neighbourhoods. Consultation, not council rule. Environment: Preston has environmental issues that must be addressed. Ward 3 has a serious potential for groundwater contamination and the odours emitting from the local sewage treatment plant cannot be ignored. It’s not enough for city council to pass environmental problems on to the region or provincial government. If an issue cannot be effectively resolved at the municipal level, your councillor must liaison and lobby the region and province on your behalf. I vow to do exactly that. Taxes: It’s time for Preston tax dollars to be put to work in Preston. Too many residents, especially seniors and young families are on fixed incomes and cannot continue to support the current council’s tax and spend, then go into debt policy; for projects that provide little, or no, benefit for all of Cambridge. Infrastructure: Our current infrastructure is crumbling. Water pipes, roads and arenas require immediate attention. I advocate putting your tax dollars to work on what requires fixing; before spending more on new structures and adding to an already over-burdened system. Jobs: Making it easier for businesses to thrive and hire additional employees is a top priority. I have spoken with many Preston residents and will continue to seek your advice door-to door.  People want to stop tax increases, rein in regional interference, protect the environment, bring jobs to Cambridge, provide more local arts and culture activities and have a greater say in the issues that affect our community. I do too. I will strive for an even better Preston and Cambridge if elected as your Ward 3 Councillor on October 27, 2014.
”Ward 3 is my home and where my heart is” Margaret Barr
Contact: MARGARET BARR 245 Bishop St. S. #40 Cambridge, On N3H 5N2 519-653-3375 margaret-barr@sympatico.ca